Souzana began her belly dance journey in 1998 at Kismet in Salt Lake City, UT under the direction of Yasamina. Souzana specializes in Egyptian and American Orientale styles of belly dance but her love of dance and learning led her to study many other dance forms.

Souzana recently moved back to the “lower 48”/Eugene, Oregon from Fairbanks, Alaska where she raised her son, studied, taught dance classes and performed for almost 13 years. In 2001 while living in Fairbanks, Souzana helped form Tundra Caravan Middle Eastern Dance Troupe, whose mission offered a broader understanding of Middle Eastern Dance to the community through outreach and education, while fostering an environment for students to expand and appreciate their experience as emerging dancers. Souzana led the troupe as co-artistic director and president from 2005 to 2013 and helped facilitate workshops with master instructors, gala shows, and a yearly community recital to showcase students throughout the community including Tundra Caravan’s own student troupe.

After a few years of teaching for local studios, in 2006 Souzana founded Raks Souzana where she offered beginning to advanced classes for children, teens, and adults. As adjunct faculty, Souzana taught a credited class for University of Alaska Fairbanks and was hired annually as a guest artist for the esteemed Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival. This gave her the unique opportunity to work, collaborate, and perform with artists of many genres from Fairbanks and around the U.S. Souzana especially enjoyed collaborating with Judy Kreith and Felix Bambury Webbe and performed with Felix's dance troupe, Sabor Cubano Dance for several years.

Souzana looks forward to establishing Raks Souzana in her new community and is now teaching classes at Celebration Belly Dance and Yoga Studio and StaverDanceSport!


Souzana's love of dance, art, and life shine through in both her teaching and her dancing. Whether she is performing a choreographed piece, or an improvisational work, her passion shows, and her dancing is always elegant, regal, and emotive. Her love of her work combined with her accepting spirit, inspires her students not only to work hard so that they may grow as dancers and performers, but also to remember to love and enjoy themselves along the way..

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